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What I ate Wednesday on Tuesday

I have a busy day planned for Wednesday this week so I decided to document my eats on Tuesday instead! I’ve rediscovered one of my favourite foods this week, chia seeds – in particular, chia pudding! So after mixing together a couple of servings of chia seeds and almond milk, this morning I tucked into this amazing bowl for breakfast:
Chia pudding, Greek yogurt, blueberries and vanilla flavoured seeds. This is what I call a way to start the day! I felt like a goddess when I ate this!

I planned a trip to the gym at lunch, so I wanted something a little substantial as my morning snack, as lunch wouldn’t be until 2pm. So I made up some protein pancakes the night before and ate one an hour before my workout.
Filled with blueberries and coconut flakes. I never liked protein pancakes, but I’ve just started using a different protein powder and they are amazing!

When lunch came around I wasn’t too hungry and didn’t finish this, but it was a tasty throw together lunch I packed the night before:
Lettuce, roasted tomatoes, green beans and yellow peppers. Topped with quinoa, chicken pieces and balsamic glaze. I wasn’t expecting much from this but it was amazing!
Before my cycle home I tucked into pancake número deux!

Dinner was a quick throw together of things I needed to use up. A half mouldy red onion, bean mash that was living in my fridge for about a week. And lots of green beans. So this is what I came up with!
Onion & haricot bean patty, with roasted green beans and a strawberry omelet. Yes. A strawberry omelet. I have been craving a strawberry omelet for days, and it was amazing. We have hundreds of strawberries growing in our garden at the moment so I have been compiling a list of recipes to try, and I thought mmm eggs and strawberries, and ever since I found a recipe I haven’t stopped thinking about it! I will post up my 10 strawberry recipes I must make tomorrow.

After a weekend of cider, I am pleased to be eating well again and nourishing myself properly. I spent an hour or so on Sunday roasting veggies, boiling eggs, cooking chicken and quinoa, and it has made life much easier! There’s always something healthy for me to throw together in a hurry!

Apologies for the instagram photos I didn’t have my camera with me today!
Do you like instagram?
I’ve gotten more obsessed with it lately and am instagramming everything! Probably annoying my followers in the process. Pancakes and salad photos aren’t exciting for everyone else!


WIAW Successful snacking!


A rather good day of grub today I must say! I resisted the 3pm biscuitfest at work, and had a cup of tea instead. What a difference it makes when I eat well and don’t give in to the munchies!

Breakfast: 2 spelt pancakes, with half a pear and PB2
spelt pancakes and pb2

AM Snack: 3/4 cup greek yogurt and a nectarine
WIAW greek yogurt nectarine

Lunch: Pesto chicken, roasted veggies & hummus lettuce wraps. With some funny looking baby carrots & hummus. PM snack of dried apricots, raisins and almonds.chicken and veggie wraps WIAW

Dinner: Italian fish stew. Yum yum yum!fish stew wiaw

PM Snack: No bake choc chip flapjacks. Three of these accidentally fell in my mouth.No bake flapjack WIAWThese flapjacks were amazing. I can see some experimenting up ahead!

One thing I haven’t been successful in however is my exercise since I quit the gym. All it has done here is rain! So I’ve decided to join a gym 2 minutes away from my office, so instead of sitting on my butt during my lunch hour, I can gym it up once again.

Does anyone else go to the gym in their lunch hour? Or have an office job where they sit for most of the day? How do you make sure you don’t turn into a flab ball?

I get so cross when my lunch hour is up and I realise I have just sat down for the whole hour! I’m looking forward to getting out of the office and getting in at least 45 mins of exercise.


This weeks Wednesday eats are a little sad looking. After this weekends shenanigans I’ve lost my organised mojo and my meals look a little sad because of it.

Breakfast was a banana chia seed muffin, crumbled onto ¼ cup oats. All topped with 1 tbsp chocolate PB2. This was friggin delish. I made the perfect no fat banana muffin on Friday!banana bread muffin oats
AM snack was a cup of greek yogurt and an amazing pear. Perfectly ripe and juicy – question, how does one eat a pear without getting juice everywhere?  I thought about bringing a knife with me to work to chop it up but.. well, I don’t know. I don’t feel comfortable branding a knife at my desk haha.
pear greek yogurt

Lunch was a tuna salad, with chopped tommys, carrots and onion. With some red pepper strips and caramelised onion hummus, and a baby bel.
tuna salad

PM snack was an apple and a cup of strong coffee. I spent most of the day tackling spreadsheets and I needed this!
coffee and apple

Dinner was a tasty surprise, I had planned on just having some eggs and spinach, but I went to see my mum and she had bought me an edamame salad. The dressing with it was divine! Garlic, ginger, chilli and soy sauce. And it went perfectly with my omelet (1 whole egg, 3 egg white).
edamame salad, omelet

Then for dessert I had a slice of cake. This is my treat/cheat for the week. I was going to save my treat for the weekend, but my brother came round with some of the cake I made for my sister in laws birthday, so I had to try a slice of my handywork.

This WIAW has come at a perfect time for me as lately I have had a serious snacking problem. Particularly at weekends, I seem to go into a crazy eyed trance where I stuff my face and laugh when I realise what I’ve done ‘BUT IT’S THE WEEKEND HAAAHSAHDHJFHDS WHO CARES, I EAT GOOD ALL WEEK’ but really, the weekend is half of the week (I go into weekend mode on Fridays) so weekends account for HALF OF MY LIFE. So in theory, I only eat well half of the time! How have I only suddenly realised this? My meals are always well balanced and nutritious; it’s mostly my evening snacks.
My problem is I absolutely adore food. I am always thinking about food, and about tasty combinations and recipes I could try. And I just can’t stop myself. Like the time I made black bean brownies. I am not even going to continue, but those bad boys did not last long at all.

So, this month I am on a goal making, healthy snack eating, keep-myself-in-check-at-weekends mission. Looking forward to checking out the other WIAWers snacks for some ideas!
I’m going to write down everything that passes my chops for the next few weeks to try and keep myself accountable.

Foodies, how do you stop yourself from over indulging too often? One thing I’ve been doing when making banana bread is chopping it into individual servings and then freezing them so I’m not tempted to eat a whole batch.