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Sweaty Betty & Protein Cookie Balls

This week has been so slow, I was so ready for the weekend by Wednesday! I’ve had a great week of eats though! Really stuck to eating clean, snacking on healthy foods and no ‘oh just one wont hurt’s. I feel fantastic for it though, I am a ball of energy and positivity! Amazing what some good food and a lack of sugar can do!

I also gave up my no gym for the summer. I joined the gym near my work, and boyyy oh boy was it good to get away from my desk for an hour and sweat it out. It made the day go much quicker too, and I was a lot more productive in the afternoon! I was short on time after the guy showed me around the gym, so I just did 10 mins elliptical, 10 mins cycling both HIIT, I then did some work on my legs and butt – dumbbell squats, squats with dumbbell between legs, leg curls and lunges with dumbbells all with no rest in between. I was pretty schweaty. I usually rest between sets but really wanted to get this out quick so didn’t.

As I was feeling so productive on Friday I whipped up some snacks for the week. I already had a load of muffins in the freezer from last weekend – so  I made some protein balls. Cinnamon and raisin cookie dough protein balls!

Protein Cookie Dough Balls

protein balls, healthy eating

Makes 25 1 inch balls

1 cup oats (quick cook oats or oatmeal work best)
1/2 cup ground flax
1/3 cup honey
1/5 cup shredded coconut
1/2 cup peanut butter
1.5 scoop vanilla protein powder
1/4 cup almond milk (more or less)

Add 1 tsp cinnamon, and 1/4 cup raisins for cinnamon & raisin flavour – or 1/4 cup choc chips for choc chip ones!

Melt honey and peanut butter in microwave for approx 30 secs. Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl, and then add the melted peanut butter and honey mixture. Add the almond milk a couple of tbsp at a time, until all the dry ingredients are well combined. Then roll into balls! I made 25… it probably would’ve made more but I may or may not of spooned a lot of the mixture into my mouth..
Store in the fridge, and then grab when you need a snack to attack!
Cookie protein bars, healthy eating, clean eating
Hey mr juicy raisin!
protein ball, healthy eating
Magical chewy goodness! I persuaded Pete to try one. He bit into it.. looked happy, looked at me weirdly, asked me what was in it.. I told him peanut butter.. and he spat it out. Pete hates peanut butter. I swear he was enjoying it before he knew though!

Tonight I am drinking barcadi and saying farewell to a friend of mine who is off to Italy for a few months!


Off on a camping adventure!

I am currently sat in a field, in our campervan, drinking ginger beer and waiting for the sun to come out! This weekend is an extra long one because of the bank holiday and because of our lovely Queen! Four days of freedom! So I am letting myself go for a couple of days.

I started the morning with a work out at home, which went like this:

Plank with arm raise – 10 reps each side
Lateral lunge – 10 reps each side
Plié squat – 10 reps
Dumbbell row – 10 reps each side
Reverse dumbbell fly – 10 reps
Dumbbell thruster – 10 reps

I then ran around the park a couple of times, clocking up a measly 2km! It got the heart pumping though.

We then hit the road with a yummy breakfast:


Cinnamon and raisin overnight oats, with a peerrrrrfectly ripe pear!

Will be back on Monday with lots of photos and a recipe for banana muffins, and a salad frittata! I am the queen of camping food!

Disguise the greens and gym sweat

What better way to end your day with a run, and this for dinner..

A secret bowl of green goodness. 1 avocado, 1/2 cup of coconut milk, 2 tbsp cocoa, 2 tsp honey, 2 handfuls of spinach, 5 ice cubes. All whizzed up and topped with some Quaker Oat Crisp and watery PB2 (I am coming to the end of my chocolate PB2 and this makes me sad)

Today I did something unthinkable that I regretted instantly. I quit the gym. As soon as I did it a wave of panic washed over me. WHAT HAVE I DONE?? Since the weather has gotten nicer, I have wanted to spend more time outside, and the thought of going to the gym has just annoyed me. The last two months, Pete and I have been about 5 times. FIVE TIMES. That means each time we went cost like £5. I am a tight arse and I hate wasting money. So I quit, quickly… without thinking.

In the mornings I’ve been going running instead of gyming, and it sets the day up so nicely for me, I run right through a country park where there are rabbits, pheasants and a lake. I’m a sunshine lover and I really begrudge the thought of being inside when it’s nice out. So farewell weights, farewell elliptical machine. Deadlifts and glute pain, I will miss you. But I will be back in September perhaps. I am going to save the money I would’ve spent on our gym membership and buy something.. maybe a new gym outfit to get myself set up for winter?

I am looking forward to a few months of running, hiking, cycling, kayaking, swimming in the sea and utilising the free outdoor gym we have about 2 minutes from our house.

Have you ever quit the gym? What are your favourite at home exercises to do? If you saved up all the money you spent on gym membership for a few months, what would you buy?

I must admit I am a little anxious at the thought of not having a gym membership, but I have free weights and a heavy dog I can lift..