What I ate Wednesday on Tuesday

I have a busy day planned for Wednesday this week so I decided to document my eats on Tuesday instead! I’ve rediscovered one of my favourite foods this week, chia seeds – in particular, chia pudding! So after mixing together a couple of servings of chia seeds and almond milk, this morning I tucked into this amazing bowl for breakfast:
Chia pudding, Greek yogurt, blueberries and vanilla flavoured seeds. This is what I call a way to start the day! I felt like a goddess when I ate this!

I planned a trip to the gym at lunch, so I wanted something a little substantial as my morning snack, as lunch wouldn’t be until 2pm. So I made up some protein pancakes the night before and ate one an hour before my workout.
Filled with blueberries and coconut flakes. I never liked protein pancakes, but I’ve just started using a different protein powder and they are amazing!

When lunch came around I wasn’t too hungry and didn’t finish this, but it was a tasty throw together lunch I packed the night before:
Lettuce, roasted tomatoes, green beans and yellow peppers. Topped with quinoa, chicken pieces and balsamic glaze. I wasn’t expecting much from this but it was amazing!
Before my cycle home I tucked into pancake número deux!

Dinner was a quick throw together of things I needed to use up. A half mouldy red onion, bean mash that was living in my fridge for about a week. And lots of green beans. So this is what I came up with!
Onion & haricot bean patty, with roasted green beans and a strawberry omelet. Yes. A strawberry omelet. I have been craving a strawberry omelet for days, and it was amazing. We have hundreds of strawberries growing in our garden at the moment so I have been compiling a list of recipes to try, and I thought mmm eggs and strawberries, and ever since I found a recipe I haven’t stopped thinking about it! I will post up my 10 strawberry recipes I must make tomorrow.

After a weekend of cider, I am pleased to be eating well again and nourishing myself properly. I spent an hour or so on Sunday roasting veggies, boiling eggs, cooking chicken and quinoa, and it has made life much easier! There’s always something healthy for me to throw together in a hurry!

Apologies for the instagram photos I didn’t have my camera with me today!
Do you like instagram?
I’ve gotten more obsessed with it lately and am instagramming everything! Probably annoying my followers in the process. Pancakes and salad photos aren’t exciting for everyone else!


7 responses to “What I ate Wednesday on Tuesday

  1. I love the chia pudding! I had some this week too. I love the idea of protien pancakes. I should make them up for my boyfriend, he struggles trying to find something to snack on in the 15 minute break he has between the gym and work.

    I wish I had intsagram. I have a Blackberry until September, and although it’s awesome for my business type things, it’s terrible for anything blog-related that I’ve wanted to do. Instagram being one of them.

    • I went off chia pudding for a while but I’ve been really craving it lately! I’ve been adding protein powder to it too which makes it taste amazing and fills me up longer.
      I usually make 2 batches of pancakes so they are ready for me if I haven’t got time to rustle something up, they keep really well and reheat nicely too!

      Can you not get instagram for blackberry now? I must admit I don’t know what I would do without my iPhone, I use it more than I use a proper computer! It’s great for blogging!

  2. Protein pancakes are one of my favorite pre-workout snacks. So good!

  3. I love making sweet omelets! I have never thought of strawberry ones though, I usually make peanut butter and banana ones. I will definitely have to give strawberry a try.
    I have also recently gotten addicted to instagram, I love the effects you can make on the pictures!

  4. I love instagram!! find me at alang1000. I love pictures of salads and protein pancakes 🙂

  5. Wow those pancakes look so good 🙂 I normally don’t like protein pancakes either.

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