Off on a camping adventure!

I am currently sat in a field, in our campervan, drinking ginger beer and waiting for the sun to come out! This weekend is an extra long one because of the bank holiday and because of our lovely Queen! Four days of freedom! So I am letting myself go for a couple of days.

I started the morning with a work out at home, which went like this:

Plank with arm raise – 10 reps each side
Lateral lunge – 10 reps each side
Plié squat – 10 reps
Dumbbell row – 10 reps each side
Reverse dumbbell fly – 10 reps
Dumbbell thruster – 10 reps

I then ran around the park a couple of times, clocking up a measly 2km! It got the heart pumping though.

We then hit the road with a yummy breakfast:


Cinnamon and raisin overnight oats, with a peerrrrrfectly ripe pear!

Will be back on Monday with lots of photos and a recipe for banana muffins, and a salad frittata! I am the queen of camping food!


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